Let the road trip begin!

We officially moved into the van and hit the road this morning! It’s very rewarding to see the van come together so well after so much effort has been put into researching, designing and building the conversion. The process has definitely taught us a lot but with certainty, there is plenty more that we’ll learn on the road. But, most importantly, a huge thank you to both of our families for all the help and time and for being so incredibly supportive. Also, to all of our friends and people we’ve met through this process that have always been willing to share their knowledge and experiences with us – thank you, thank you!! You all will always have an open door into the van and we’d love to see you along the way.

Since our last time we posted, we’ve had our heads down finishing up the van including the kitchen, cabinets, bike storage, solar panels, electrical system, cedar wall paneling and buying a mountain bike for Jakob. It’s been exactly 2 months since we bought the van and have spent roughly 50 days working on it. We’ve spent the last few days packing up, making minor tweeks on the van and saying good bye to Nikki’s family in State College but this morning, we officially headed out with 94,431 miles on the van, 2 very excited people and a curious dog! The first stop is in New Paltz, New York to meet our friend Jan for a few days. The plan is to then head north to the Adirondacks for some more trailrunning and hiking.

Lastly, we promise that we’ll be more diligent updating the blog with regular posts and provide more detailed information on our conversion now that we have some time.

The "finished" van

The “finished” van

Leika inspecting her new home

Leika inspecting her new home

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