Seattle and Van upgrades

We spent the last weekend at our friend’s wedding in LA. Congratulations Meesh and Bryan, we love you and couldn’t be happier for you two!

It was also great to see the Balderdashers. I get more and more grateful for the wonderful girlfriends I have in my life!

We’re now back in Seattle to spend the next week with my two ‘little’ brothers exploring Washington and possibly some of Oregon. Really glad my little brother, Eric, was able to fly out to Seattle for the week. For those of you who may not know, Eric has an awesome project of his own going on now. After dreaming of circumnavigating the world for years, his dream started to become a reality a few months ago when he bought a boat. Take a look at his webpage – couldn’t be more proud.

Anyway – we have a few adjustments to make on the van over the next few days. The majority of these are aesthetic, but still need to be done.

1.) Re-do forward facing drawers – We had roller catches on the forward facing drawers that we thought would be strong enough to prevent the drawers from sliding out while driving. Unfortunately, if we really needed to slam on the breaks (which we did need to occasionally), the drawers would fly out. We ordered more secure locking mechanisms and need to now redo the face plates for aesthetic reasons.

2.) Cover a few spots on the ceiling in the cabinets that we didn’t put paneling on and have insulation still showing (aesthetic).

3.) Put some polyurethane on areas that need some more protection against water and wear.

4.) Install a table to pull out for eating/playing cards in the van

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  1. Hay guys love your video and camper so sorry you had to part with it but hope you got a better one
    My name is ronnie and so loved your idea plans and way of life I so want one of those van camper’s and hope I can stay in touch if I need help in building one also love the 29er storage idea I bike also. OK please get back to code name bodaiwest see ya

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