Vanlife Cookbook!

Thank you for downloading the Vanlife Cookbook; we hope the recipes that follow provide inspiration for new meals, wherever you are! This book came to be thanks to everyone that shared their favorite recipe(s)! We hope you’re as excited as we are to try these. This book is precisely what we would have liked to have […]

Vanlife Cookbook Raffle – Round Two

We’re excited to announce that we’re launching a second round of recipe contributions in partner with Camp Chef! All contributors will have a chance to win an Everest Stove through a raffle as part of the second round. To enter the raffle, fill out the form below with your favorite simple recipes (remember: two burner stove, easy […]

Vanlife Recipe Compilation

What’s the problem? Well, since the beginning of this trip we have found ourselves in a routine when grocery shopping and cooking ‘go-to’ meals. That can become a bit monotonous 11 months into a trip. We thought it would be fun to compile recipes from anyone that enjoys traveling (van, bike, motorcycle, foot, broomstick…) to help inspire new meals while […]

And we’re back!

You may have been wondering why we have been radio-silent for the last few weeks. We had a bit of a reality check when our car got broken into and we lost our electronics and some cash, which was cause for some soul-searching about why we’re on this trip and what we’re doing wrong. We’ll […]


We spent the last week in and around Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We had been to Jackson a few months prior to ski and test out the van, so we were looking forward to seeing it during the summer months vs the winter. Our first order of business when we pulled in was to change our […]

Travels with a dog – National Parks vs Forests

As some of you may know, we adopted a dog (Leika) in January. Part way through Canada we realized that while Canada’s National Parks are incredibly dog-friendly, US National Parks are not, at all. While disappointed, we figured that when it came time to spending time in the national parks, we’d have to put Leika […]

Engine Operating Temperature

Since eastern Washington State, the temperatures during the day have hung around mid-90 degrees, and the roads have been hilly. This isn’t conducive to keeping the engine at it’s ideal operating temperature of 188 to 192 degrees. We have a ScanGauge (Amazon) for monitoring some engine stats while driving, which showed that our engine started […]