Baja in a quick nutshell

Crossing the border was a non-event. It is very well documented and honestly, no one seemed to really care about people crossing into Mexico. We drove through the checkpoint and were asked to pull over for an ‘inspection’ which is standard for RV’s and vans. They opened two drawers and told us to continue. A few hundred […]


We spent the last week in and around Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We had been to Jackson a few months prior to ski and test out the van, so we were looking forward to seeing it during the summer months vs the winter. Our first order of business when we pulled in was to change our […]

Travels with a dog – National Parks vs Forests

As some of you may know, we adopted a dog (Leika) in January. Part way through Canada we realized that while Canada’s National Parks are incredibly dog-friendly, US National Parks are not, at all. While disappointed, we figured that when it came time to spending time in the national parks, we’d have to put Leika […]