1. GREAT web site and video… Im new to Van Life, have been living on the road for 12 years… Gonga Van is my new home.. but my ARB fridge does not keep a consistent temperature.. i guess i have to do something about it… I have a ford transit medium roof and i travel the country with all of my gongs.. http://www.thegongtemple.com

    • Michelle,

      Thank you for the kind message. We’ve had nothing but good experiences with our ARB fridge – our temperature fluctuates a little bit as the compressor kicks on and off, but it would still be 36 degrees even when it’s 90 degrees out. Check the voltage on your battery if temperatures go up too much (the fridge turns off automatically when your battery voltage drops below a certain threshold).

      The customer service at ARB is awesome as well, I would just give them a call if all else fails – I’m sure they’ve encountered all possible issues I can think of.


  2. Hi Jakob and Nikki, my boyfriend, my dog and I plan to do almost the same trip. We are from Québec and want to go down to Argentina. So happy to have found your blog!! At first we need to sell the house, but I was wondering about the budget necessary for the trip, excluding the purchase and the building of the van. About what amount would you recommend to have in pocket before leaving? (approxively, for gas, food, entrance fees …)

    Thank you so much for all your informations

    • Val,

      Thank you for your message! The budget really varies between travelers, we’ve found that we needed about $70 / day all-in. A big part of that was diesel, so if you go slower (or do less zig-zagging than we did), you could reduce that daily amount. We hardly ever stayed in hotels and tried to camp for free where possible. I don’t have a breakdown of costs, but there are a bunch of other blogs that list this detail (here for example).


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