Sprinter Glow Plug Replacement

Glow plug replacement is a fairly common repair on diesel engines. Glow plugs inevitably wear out over time, and it can be a fairly easy remove-and-replace procedure. However, this repair requires a bit of caution, as sometimes glow plugs seize and become difficult to remove. If it happens to you, don’t apply too much force, […]

The Kitchen, cooking and food storage

We’ve often been asked how and what we cook on the road and, to be honest, it’s surprisingly similar to cooking in our apartments in San Francisco and New York City. While some aspects such as working in a smaller space and lack of an oven have required some getting used to, there haven’t been […]

Sprinter Oil Change

Changing the engine oil is one of the most basic things to do with your Sprinter. The service interval is every 10k miles, and it might be a good idea to change the oil on a newly bought Sprinter if you’re not sure when the last change was or which oil was used. A lot […]

How to Reset the Check Engine Light on a Sprinter

After 18 months of owning a ScanGauge, I finally figured out how to reset a check engine light with it on a Sprinter. I have tried many times, but it never worked before. The trick is to put the key in the ignition and move to the on position without  turning the engine on. On the […]

Espar / Eberspaecher D2 Heater Installation in a Sprinter

After many cold nights without a heat source in our Sprinter, we finally bought and installed an Eberspaecher Airtronic D2 heater. We chose to do the installation ourselves, and while time-consuming (probably 10 hours of labor), it is definitely a doable project and we recommend doing it yourself. We bought our heater at Heatso, based […]

Sprinter Repair Cost

During our trip, we kept track of all maintenance and other repair items on the Sprinter. We’ve added a section on our website giving you an overview. You’ll hopefully find it useful to get a better sense of maintenance cost before purchasing your own. Sprinter Maintenance Log

Cedar Panels

We’ve had several people ask us “Why put cedar in there?” and our response is “why not?!” At the time of the build, we wanted the van to be functional, but also cozy and to feel like home. During the endless hours working on the van, we kept debating what to do with the walls and […]

Stove and Overhead Kitchen Storage

Stove Storage One of our favorite aspects of our kitchen is that we can have stoves at the store, storing it in the bedframe, just below the bedside cabinets. Whenever we need it, we slide it out onto the counter. When we don’t, we can use the entire counter space. Out of ½” birch veneer, we […]

Feeding Station Build (ie the Kitchen)

As we were building out the van in Pennsylvania last March, it started snowing (a lot) out west. At that point we had only completed the bed frame, but decided to take a little break from building and go on a 10 day “test” trip from Pennsylvania to Colorado, Utah and Wyoming, to ski. While […]

Electrical Update – Solar

We’ve been seeing a number of different solar panel setups while on the road (most of them probably fairly small compared to the typical US RV). Ours has worked well for us, but I just recently helped troubleshoot someone else’s setup, and there are some lessons that may help improve on common problems. The setup was […]