Hurricane Odile

Meant to post this on Monday, but we had no electricity or phone service:

So this just happened. We’re currently on our way south through Baja and arrived in La Paz yesterday afternoon. We heard about a hurricane from some other campers so we asked the locals how safe the local beach would be during a storm. They weren’t worried. With winds picking up after sunset, we got increasingly concerned and checked the news. Immediately we headed off the beach to the city of La Paz (45 mins away) , where all hell started to break loose after 1am. We ended up parking the car in a hotel parking lot, which started to flood by around 4am, so we put the car in the highest spot we could find (1 foot higher) and spent the next few hours in the hotel lobby with 2 employees. We can’t thank them enough.

Turns out La Paz was pretty directly hit by the hurricane, similar to Cabo, the power is out and streets are flooded. Winds are still super strong but it stopped raining.


We’ll probably stick around for a few days. Photos to come off this scary experience.

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