Welcome to SprinterVanDiaries | 2 Humans and a Canine in a Van

In 2014 we left our jobs… and traveled from Canada to Argentina in our Sprinter van. This blog is our attempt to document some memories from our travels and pass on the knowledge we gained from the van build to the community.

We do not claim to be an authority on vans, how to live your life or how to survive living in a van with someone 24×7, but we do believe that less is more – the fewer things you own, the more you can focus on doing what you love. We cannot buy time and, so we try to enjoy the time we do have doing the things we love, with the people (and animals) we love.

What you’ll find on this site are our experiences, our thoughts and ideas. We have a travel blog section from our 16 month trip starting in Pennsylvania, via Canada, through North and South America, all the way to Argentina. There were a lot of ups and downs, many that we didn’t anticipate, and that was part of the beauty.

We also have a lot of detail about our van build and general Sprinter maintenance. We spent 7 tireless weeks researching, designing, talking (and arguing!) about the best way to do this or that, building and finally moving into the van. The work never stopped and we’ve continued to tinker with the layout. Everything you find on this website we used extensively and have a strong opinion on. So please ask us questions!

Enough yapping – dive in and enjoy!

Nikki, Jakob & Leika