How to Reset the Check Engine Light on a Sprinter

After 18 months of owning a ScanGauge, I finally figured out how to reset a check engine light with it on a Sprinter. I have tried many times, but it never worked before. The trick is to put the key in the ignition and move to the on position without  turning the engine on. On the […]

Heater in a box

Eberspaecher D2 Airtronic Installation

After many cold nights without a heat source in our Sprinter, we finally bought and installed an Eberspaecher Airtronic D2 heater. We chose to do the installation ourselves, and while time-consuming (probably 10 hours of labor), it is definitely a doable project and we recommend doing it yourself. We bought our heater at Heatso, based […]

Sprinter Repair Cost

During our trip, we kept track of all maintenance and other repair items on the Sprinter. We’ve added a section on our website giving you an overview. You’ll hopefully find it useful to get a better sense of maintenance cost before purchasing your own. Sprinter Maintenance Log



So, after a long break in posting anything, let’s catch up on what happened over the last few months of the trip and where we are now. After making it all the way south to Ushuaia, we headed back north via the Carreterra Austral. We spent some more time in the Lakes District, Valparaiso and […]


Carretera Austral

We entered the Carreterra Austral in style, veering off paved Ruta 40 onto deserted dirt roads towards the border. Except for the border officials, we didn’t see another car for 200km. When we crossed the border, we saw the previous person had crossed 2 days ago. On the Chilean side, we passed through Parque Patagonia, […]

Perito Moreno

Los Glaciares

Connected to Torres del Paine via the Southern Patagonian Icefield is another park in Argentina, Los Glaciares. To get there, we crossed at a small border with just 2 people working. There’s very little population in this part of the world, so whenever you pass a town, it can be quite a while before you […]


Punta Arenas and Torres Del Paine

The strange feeling we got from reaching the destination we had been thinking about for the past year quickly passed as we headed back to the South American mainland. After a quick tire change we headed out of Punta Arenas for a hike toward Cabo Froward, the southernmost point of the mainland. We went for a beautiful […]

Featured image

Vanlife Cookbook!

Thank you for downloading the Vanlife Cookbook; we hope the recipes that follow provide inspiration for new meals, wherever you are! This book came to be thanks to everyone that shared their favorite recipe(s)! We hope you’re as excited as we are to try these. This book is precisely what we would have liked to have […]

And daytime

Tierra Del Fuego

After long driving days from the Lakes District, we reached Rio Gallegos in the south of Argentina. For the first time since the very north of Chile / Argentina, we needed to cross a border and pass through Chile to get to the southern tip of Argentina. Lazy as we are, we decided to risk it […]

With a waterfall

Argentina’s Lakes District

On our first day in Patagonia, we woke up to some amazing deserted mountain scenery. We headed on south and found ourselves back on a dirt road fairly quickly, paralleling close to the Chilean border. We checked out a really nice waterfall with orange growth on the river banks. Next, we visited the thermal resort […]